Places I've been (that are not the Bahamas)
Place 29: Boston, Massachusetts (February 2001)

I am definitely not someone who is on the cutting edge of music. I’m a sucker for Top 40 pop (particularly the 70s) and classic rock (southern included). However, my friend Jonathan, he always seems to be up on what’s up and coming. In early 2001 he was talking about a group that had a popular video on MTV2 (that’s how long ago this was).

Hartford, Connecticut
Hartford, Connecticut

He got tickets to the group that was playing a medium-sized venue (300 people?) in Boston. In the time between when he’d purchased the two $25 tickets and the night of the show, the band exploded. Their single was everywhere to be heard and the tickets were an extremely hot commodity. They began to sell for 5-6 times face value on eBay. Being poor college students, this was a tempting proposition. But, Jon was very much into seeing the band and I was very grateful that he’d invited me to join him.

So, on a cold February England in the rural outer ring of greater Hartford, Connecticut we drove off in Jon’s early 90s (manual transmission) Ford Probe to see the English band…

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Place 26: Cromwell, Connecticut (June 1999)

If I recall correctly, it hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit that day. That’s about 38 Celsius. It was also my first ever trip to the (then named) Canon Greater Hartford Open; a lesser event on the PGA tour. Golf, for the unfamiliar. The event has since been renamed the Traveler’s Championship.

No, Tiger wasn’t playing there. He’s never played the only Connecticut stop on the PGA tour. Phil Mickelson was there. I believe he won that year. I went on a Saturday so nothing was decided.

Navigating a professional golf event in person takes some getting used to. I was only familiar with sports like basketball and baseball which are “sit-and-watch” kinds of affairs. Golf is different; you’ve got two main viewing options:

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Place 25: Springfield, Vermont (October 2010)

This trip was for my bachelor party. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

This is a story about the Schaefer nautical light as seen below.

The ballad of the piece of classic breweriana begins in 1999 when I was a sophomore at the University of Connecticut.

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