Places I've been (that are not the Bahamas)
Place 36: Las Vegas, Nevada (January 2008)

This is a quick celebrity anecdote from my one and only trip to Las Vegas (mentioned here).

When I finally landed in Las Vegas, I did not drop my bags in my room and make a bee line for the nearest craps table. Nor did I catch a show. Nor did I immediately find something that would have forced me to later say something about ‘things that happen in Vegas…’

No, it was the night of the 2008 New Hampshire primary and, in my very first night in sin city, I demonstrated what a political junkie I truly am. I ordered room service and watched the returns come in.

A couple nights later I accompanied a few co-workers to a company-sponsored dinner at the Four Seasons (fancy!). I stepped out of the taxi and approached the front door. There was a gentleman standing on the curb, typing on a Blackberry (it was 2008, remember), and looked to be waiting for a ride.

The guy looked familiar. He was tall-ish (taller than Tony Danza certainly). He was well-dressed but the solid mop of orange-red hair stuck out. “I’ve seen this guy before,” I thought to myself.

Then, the guy looked up, saw me approaching his general area (he was standing near the entrance), smiled, and said, “Hey man, what’s going on?”

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Place 35: New York, NY (May 1997)

Ed. Note: This is the first in a series of anti-travelogues that recount stories of when I bumped into celebrities.

I’ve been to New York a number of times. This was one of them. I do not recall the main purpose of this trip. Might have just been a weekend away with friends.

We were in the seemingly-interminable TKTS line one morning. We didn’t know what we were going to see while in line but, if memory serves, it ended up being my second time through Les Miserables.

While standing in line, we noticed a commotion down the block a bit. People in line were excited about something. I watched as the excitement drew closer and closer to us but couldn’t quite pinpoint it’s source. The crowd seemed to be focusing its attention along the railing, on the sidewalk, just outside the line.

Then, a very short man approached handing out little fliers. He looked familiar. Almost like an 80s TV star who may or may not have been the boss.

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Place 34: The Bronx, New York (July 2012)

Yup, a second trip to the Bronx. This one had just as much suspense, but a much, much happier ending.

The New York Yankees/Boston Red Sox rivalry is probably the most spirited inter-city pro sports rivalry in the country. Stonington, CT/Westerly, RI is OBVIOUSLY the biggest high school rivalry. As for college…hmmm… ‘Bama/Auburn?

Since childhood, I’ve gleefully stayed out of the whole Sawx/Bombers kerfuffle by keeping my baseball loyalties in the Northeast, but firmly on the NL side. I’m a Mets fan who thinks the Designated Hitter is an abomination against the sport and no World Series will ever be better than the 1986 Series.

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Place 33: Nassau, The Bahamas (July 1984)

The ostensible purpose for this Tumblog was so I could help promote the TomTom Map a Paradise Island summer promotion. We ran an internal contest where the most creative promoter of the contest would win a week-long trip to the Bahamas.

They have announced the winner…

And it wasn’t me.

But that’s OK. As I wrote all of these mini-travelogues, I was hiding a deep, dark secret that, if it got out into the wild, would seriously jeopardize my position in the contest. It’s been eating me up inside. Now that it’s over, I am free to permanently damage my reputation.

The ugly truth is as follows:

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Place 32: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (June 2012)

Have I mentioned that I love Canada?

Yes you have.

Then let this one serve as a reminder: I LOVE CANADA.

However, this recent trip — a five-day cruise to the maritime provinces — proved a little disappointing. And, here’s why:

I’m a child of many things. Among them: the 1980s, divorce, white middle-class American upbringing, and New England.

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Place 31: Waterville Valley, New Hampshire (August 1989)

This was my family’s vacation spot for about four years. We’d spend a week up in the mountains; swim in the pools; hike on the trails; play golf; and it’s where I learned to play some tennis. The air was clear and you were always surrounded by snow-capped mountaintops.

Waterville Valley, NH

Good times.

When my sister, Kristine, learned about my little project here, she was instrumental in recalling and suggesting some locations that we’d been and the stories I should tell.

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